We want a resounding No vote in September.

Vote No Borders

The Vote No Borders Campaign provides a platform for Scottish voters to share their positive views on Scotland remaining part of the UK. Browse our latest posts below, explore the website, spread the word and help out in whatever way you can. Join the conversation - find us on Facebook and Twitter.

John is Voting No for a Secure Future

"The history is important. We've fought too many wars together, shed too much blood. We've given freedom to the world. We'll get one chance - and it can never be reversed." - John, Peterhead. Fisherman.

John has shared why he's voting No. Tell us why you're voting No and hear the voices of many others here.



Why I'm voting No - Carmen



Ann is Voting No for Our Security

"There are people who have fought and died together for our country - this United Kingdom - and we're just going to sell it down the river. I just can't understand it." - Ann, Pollok.

Many people have told us that the Armed Forces are one of the main reasons that they are saying No to Separation. Tell us why you're voting No.



Security and Defence - Professor Adam Tomkins

In the fifth of a series of exclusive articles for Vote No Borders, expert in constitutional law Professor Adam Tomkins looks at Defence and Security and the impact that Separation would have. Adam Tomkins teaches constitutional law at the University of Glasgow and writes here in a personal capacity. Follow him on twitter @ProfTomkins.


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Karen is Voting No for Jobs

"My daughter's only 15 and I'm looking to her future. For me it's all about job security, peace of mind knowing we're part of Great Britain and not only part of Scotland" - Karen, Pollok. 

Karen is voting No for jobs and her daughter's future. Hear why so many others are saying No to Separation here.